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Weight Loss Program

Conway Regional Health System recognizes a need in the community to provide wellness services to patients through a comprehensive weight management program. To assist patients in attaining a healthy weight, the health system will provide a program that focuses on the specific needs of the patient to provide specialized care.

Interested in participating in the weight loss program?


How to Enroll

Patients interested in participating in the weight loss program must be medically cleared by a physician before the onset of the program. Therefore, there are two ways a patient can enter the program:

  1. Physician referral

    Physician submits a referral form to the Conway Regional Wellness and Diabetes Education team at which point a member of the team will contact the patient and schedule the initial consultation.

  2. Patient self-referral

    Patient contacts the Wellness and Diabetes Education department via phone or email and is scheduled for an initial consultation.


To be eligible for the program, patients must have:

  1. Minimum of BMI of 25-34.9 kg/m2
  2. Medically cleared to exercise and participate in program
  3. Age 18 or older and less than 70

Program Description

The program includes:

A. Initial Consultation

Participants will have an initial consultation with a Certified Lifestyle and Wellness Coach which will include an introduction to the program.

B. Initial Appointment and Assessment

Each participant will receive an initial nutritional consultation with their certified Lifestyle and Wellness coach, including 24 hour food recall, instructions for completing food records, goal-setting, recommendations, example meal plans, and an InBody Assessment.

C. In-Person Individual Session

Participants will be required to meet with their Lifestyle and Wellness Coach to discuss progress and give the opportunity to ask questions as needed. These sessions will occur weekly for the first month and twice a month for each subsequent month.

D. Weekly weigh ins/check ins via the Nudge Wellness App
E. Education

Group classes will be taught via webinar by registered dietitians monthly to provide additional educational material

  • Quality of Food
  • Portion Sizes (Plate Method)
  • Timing and Consistency of Meals
  • Food Myths (sugars, additives, fad diets)
  • Hydration and Snacking
  • Nutrition and Physical Activity
F. Fitness Assessment

Participants will complete a pre- and post-program assessment consisting of resting heart rate, resting blood pressure, height, weight, BMI, body fat, cardiorespiratory endurance, body circumference, upper body strength, and flexibility measurements. Participants will receive a comprehensive assessment report and the results will be discussed in detail. Both pre- and post-program reports will be faxed to the participant’s referring physician.

G. Exercise

All participants will be given access to the Health and Fitness Center for the duration of the program. Non-member participants will receive a key tag set to expire the last day of the program. Participants will receive 2 personal training sessions per month that they participate in the program.

H. Post program

An InBody assessment will be performed upon completion of the program.


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